Closing Out 2018

I heard someone say recently that before moving into the next year, reflect on what happened this year. As I look at 2018 I have so much to be thankful for. Life always has a way of bringing challenges but also blessings. When you choose to focus on the blessings then a grateful heart is produced. Whatever you focus on becomes magnified.

I choose to magnify the many blessings that Jesus brought to me this year. I took the time last night and will continue to dwell on and give thanks to Jesus for his many provisions from 2018.

If this has been a rough year for you possibly the focus could be that you are still alive and have purpose on this earth! I am thankful that every 24 hours we get a fresh start in life. What might have been a rough day yesterday has the hope of being a redeeming day tomorrow.

I don’t usually make “goals” for each year but I have felt led to make a few for 2019. I will share one with you. It is more of a hearts desire actually than a goal. Complain less and pray more. I find myself frustrated often with the day to day annoyances. I believe these “little annoyances” rob us of all the good in the day. I am choosing now to fuss less with my WORDS and pray more. If it isn’t worth my time in prayer then possibly it isn’t important at all.

What “hearts desire” do you have this year to help draw you to becoming the person God wants you to be and the person that brings joy to your own heart?

Much love,


Julia McKernan

Julia McKernan is an Evangelist “on mission with Jesus” to make an impact for the Kingdom. She is a dynamic speaker, equipping believers and reaching the lost.