Higher Level Thinking

I am finding that things are not always as they appear.  What you see or understand on the surface is base level compared to what is really going on.  I was taught the concept of “higher level thinking” at a workshop years ago and it has changed the way I see things now. I wish I could say that I always operate this way but it is a work in progress for me.

Here is an example that I experienced this week.  About a year ago, my husband Jim encouraged me to video the Bible Study that I lead.  At the time, I was considering recording an audio only.  It was difficult for me to even make the decision to record the audio never mind consider the video!  What pushed me out of my comfort zone to do the audio was what one of my friends said to me.  She was unable to attend the first week of Bible Study so wasn’t going to attend at. She said she felt like she would be behind if she missed the first week.  I wanted so desperately for her to be a part of our group that I figured out how to record an audio.  This began what became a weekly recording of all my teachings.

I was still being prompted by many to do the video recording and yet I pushed those comments to the back of my mind because the thought of ME being on video for 45 minutes was not appealing to me.  Who do I think I am to be on video?  I find this thinking rather amusing now because I love watching my friends on video.  I can think of one friend in particular named Cheryl that produces amazing videos that I enjoy.  Watching her face, her smile, her body launguage…..it all brings so much more to the message than just audio.  I didn’t connect that thought to myself until this week.

This week Jeff (one of the men that attend Bible Study), came through the door with such excitement.  The two weeks prior he had been going “live” on Facebook with the Lesson I was teaching.  I never really thought about it because it was on his Facebook page and not mine.  It was Jeff doing it not me.  This week, however, he urged me to go live on MY PAGE!  He told me that our study was bringing many other people into the study through the internet.  When I heard how many other people were able to engage in the teaching simply though the internet MY HEART was gripped.

All this time, I had been thinking about how I didn’t want to be on video.  Higher level thinking says, “So many other people can be helped if you go live”……….Do you see the shift?  Lower level thinking was about the base fact that I didn’t want to be on video.  Higher level thinking is reflecting on WHY I am teaching to start with…..TO REACH AND HELP PEOPLE!!

Once my thinking shifted to a higher level, I became excited to go live on Facebook!!  My thinking had to change.  That night when I saw that hundreds of people were able to see the teaching instead of dozen in our living room, I was speechless.  The very thing I was resisting became the catalyst to reach more people.  Technology is how people are being reached.

Jim and my friends were right.  I just needed to see the bigger picture and get myself out-of-the-way!  How can you shift your thinking from the base level to the higher level?  When I was taught this concept it helped change my thinking.  I am determined to examine my thinking more closely so that I don’t miss the great things God has for me!

Just do the next step is my motto!


Julia McKernan

Julia McKernan is an Evangelist “on mission with Jesus” to make an impact for the Kingdom. She is a dynamic speaker, equipping believers and reaching the lost.