Living in Uncertain Times

Does anyone really know what is going on?  If you do, clue me in!  We are living in uncertain times right now.  I cannot think of anyone that is not affected in some way.

Recently, I was sharing my heart with a few friends.  I was told, “You need to put this into a message!”  No coincidence that I had a note on my desk for the last two weeks that said UPDATE WEBSITE with new message on homepage.  The only problem was that I didn’t know what God wanted me to share so the note sat there until those words came my way.

This message may or mayn’t be for you but chances are it is for someone you know.  So far everyone I have shared it with has said, “I needed to hear that”……

Nothing fancy.  I am a basic woman just loving Jesus and trying to do the best I can to love others.  I hope this blesses you.

If you want to share the message with others, its on the homepage now

Julia McKernan

Julia McKernan is an Evangelist “on mission with Jesus” to make an impact for the Kingdom. She is a dynamic speaker, equipping believers and reaching the lost.

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