Project Safe Start


Inmates are released DAILY without the basic needs of clothing, toiletries food, or resources. Without guidance for good housing and someone to connect them to the right programs, most WILL RETURN TO PRISON.

Even though Arizona’s recidivism rate for those returning to prison within 3 years the lowest in the country, our prisons are overcrowded. The new “early release” legislation will reduce prison overcrowding, but it will not prevent inmates from returning to prison. As of January 2019, 45.8 percent of inmates in Arizona prisons had already served a prior prison term.


Mission Statement: Providing Support to the Incarcerated For Successful Community Re-entry.

The first few weeks out of prison are crucial. We invest time and give resources to the newly released inmate. A “Safe Start” is so important for a successful transition into the community. We believe that providing this kind of support will result in having more productive members of society.


What we do:

We love what we’re doing!

1: We work with a transitional home in Phoenix, AZ helping approximately 4-7 women per week.

2: We provide a large bag filled with: clothing and toiletries and a pair of shoes shortly after arriving at their halfway house.  We also provide a folder with community resources.

3: We have partnered with other nonprofit organizations which offer mentoring and other valuable life skills (ALOCS) and helps to pay their rent for the first 3 months while attending their program.   Harvest Compassion is another one of our partners along with Matthew 25.

4: What we do best is “ Believe in them.”  It may only take one person that believes you can make it for this to become a reality.

We’re convinced that most returning citizens desire to succeed. We also believe that many organizations are out there to aid in their success. And yet everyone struggles mightily. Our role is to connect the dots. We want to be the connector bringing the returning citizen to the RESOURCES they need.

We can put the pieces of this puzzle together but it takes a team.

How You Can Help:

1: Donate gently used clothing, backpacks, Shoes, and finances for Toiletries, Bras, Socks and many other items we purchase new.
2: Help us sort and organize clothing.
3: Connect us to your Amazon shopping! Choose Julia McKernan Ministries on Amazon!

4: Give financially (online link at top of page) We are now a QCO (Qualified Charitable Organization and a 501 (c)(3). CLICK ON THIS VIDEO TO LEARN MORE: Video

Your donations can now apply towards your AZ State taxes as a CREDIT (up to $800 for married couple and $400 Single). We are listed as Julia McKernan Ministries Inc. Use code #22199 for 2021 and 2022.

To mail a check:  Project Safe Start: 24654 N. Lake Pleasant Pkwy#103-441, Peoria, AZ 85383

5: Join our team! We most likely NEED the talent you have!

6:  Click on the Newsletter link below to see specifically what we need each month along with the faces of these beautiful women!

7:  Pray for us!

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